Susan M Wallis Art

Susan M Wallis Art

About Susan


Susan was born in Wisbech in 1958; born into a farming family she has always had a love of animals and the natural world. Her travelling began around the country from a young age when her Mother decided to join her Naval husband at various Uk destinations. 

Susan has always been creative; painting, story telling, performing and creative writing, from a child.

Initially training as a hairdresser, with a love of colour, weaving extensions and long hair; she transferred these skills into puppetry, combining them with small scenery painting; taking this into various community projects. Susan has a strong inquisitive nature which often leads to broad research; with a desire to learn more about plants and the nature around her, she achieved a diploma in Garden Design at Sparshalt Agricultural College.

Susan had a desire to further broaden her creativity and in 2012 she achieved a 2.1 B.A Honours Degree from Plymouth University and an Outstanding Achievement Award; since gaining her degree Susan has continued with community work and attended courses to further enrich her current creative skills

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Susan M Wallis Art

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